Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you ship internationally?
    • Yes, we ship via insured carriers to worldwide destinations. Shipping and customs/duty fees(if applicable) are not included in the price.
    With GalleryGuard do I have to pay a monthly monitoring/service fee?
    • No! Unlike conventional systems we do not charge an ongoing monthly or yearly service fee. Save thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your system. The only charges you may have to pay in the future is when your sensors' batteries die, or a if you send out more phone SMS/text alerts than the number which are included.
  2. When will a sensor's battery die, and what happens then?
    • The sensors run on a lithium battery and last approximately 5-7 years. A few weeks before the battery will die, you will receive a notification on the GalleryGuard system that a specific sensor has a low battery. At that time, a new sensor – with a new battery – would need to be purchased.
  3. Can I disable/enable monitoring for more than one item at a time?
    • Yes! You can enable/disable monitoring for all items or just one if you want to continue monitoring your other items. This is very useful if you want to move just one item, but still want the rest of your items protected.
  4. What if I don't have an internet connection where my art is located?
      In order for GalleryGuard to send out email and phone alerts it requires an internet connection. If you do not have one, we recommend purchasing a 3G modem from your cellular providers. Some providers offer prepaid plans for $10/month. Call us to discuss your options.
  5. What if I want to protect more pieces than I have sensors, can I buy additional sensors at a later date?
    • Yes! Adding, sensors at a later date is just as easy as when you initially purchased the system. Contact sales, and they will send you out new sensors..
  6. What is the sensor transmission range?
    • Transmission range can vary between 10 and 300 feet from the sensor to the antennas on the receiver. Average range is approximately 60-70 feet.
  7. What if I need to protect an area larger than 20,000 sq ft?
    • GalleryGuard's range is easily expanded. Simply purchase a pre-confiigured extension reader that when powered on will detect the GalleryGuard base station and automatically interface with it over Wi-Fi. No cords or wiring necessary. Maintenance and monitoring for all sensors will still occur from the main screen, while the system is able to detect sensors near the extension reader. When placing an order, let us know the details of your layout, and we will recommend the number of extensions to order.
  8. Can sensor signals be deliberately jammed? What happens if a sensor fails to transmit?
    • While this is unlikely, as with all wireless devices it is possible. If this were to happen, GalleryGuard knows when sensors should check in, and if one fails to do so, GalleryGuard would trigger a signal loss alarm with specific details of the sensor(s) in question.
  9. How secure is GalleryGuard access?
    • In a word, very. GalleryGuard uses multiple levels of encryption, password and username protection, and history tracking.
  10. What do I do about incidental vibration causing false alarms?
    • GalleryGuard is an intelligent security system and knows the difference between incidental vibrations and when artwork is moving across a room.
  11. Can GalleryGuard be used to monitor humidity/temperature conditions for key pieces, especially those in storage?
    • Yes, GalleryGuard can, but these are special sensors that are created for custom systems only. Please contact us for a quotation.
  12. How can I re-use/re-affix a previously used sensor to a different piece of artwork?
    • Depending on the adhesive ordered with your sensors, you would need to purchase some double-sided tape, apply it to the sensor before pressing it onto your artwork. Contact us for a list of recommended adhesives.
  13. What happens to my protection should the power go down to my gallery? How can I safeguard against problems?
    • We strongly recommend purchasing a uninterruptible power supply battery backup. This will supply power until its battery runs out, or the power is restored. During this time the system will continue to monitor and sound audio alerts.
  14. If the power goes down do I lose all my asset and user notification settings?
    • No. Simply restart the GalleryGuard system to gain access to your automatically stored asset and notification settings.
  15. How do I prevent others from making unauthorized changes to the asset and user notification settings?
    • GalleryGuard is username and password protected. In order to make changes to the system you must supply the correct username and password.
    • Does GalleryGuard work in dark lighting or with no light at all?
      • Yes. Unlike conventional motion detectors and cameras, GalleryGuard is unaffected by the level of ambient lighting.
  16. Can I get help with special installation concerns e.g. working around steel reinforced concrete interior walls?
    • Yes. Please contact our knowledgeable staff for any installation concerns. We understand that not all applications are identical and can address any questions you may have.
  17. Does this product affect pacemakers, hearing aids and other similar medical devices?
    • The power emitted from these sensors is thousands of times lower than most other wireless devices, phones, laptops, and should not affect any medical devices.


This list of FAQs is continuously being updated, so check back for updates. If you have your own question(s), please contact us.