Invisible Protection: One GalleryGuard system can 'invisibly' monitor up to 1000 pieces of art within a 20,000 sq ft area.*   Real-time Alerts: Within seconds of unauthorized artwork motion, an alarm sounds and staff are notified via computer screen, phone (SMS/text), or email alerts.
Unparalled Visibility: Stop worrying about the status of your fine art. With automatic inventories taken multiple times per minute, GalleryGuard provides you with real-time peace of mind.   Always On: Eliminate risky security downtime. With GalleryGuard you can disable monitoring for individual assets while continuing to monitor the rest. Simply drag and drop.
Mobile Security: Whether you are moving to a new location, or setting up for a mobile exhibit, GalleryGuard can be ready to start monitoring your fine art in mere minutes.   Simple, fast, wire-free installation and monitoring: Setup is quickly done by anyone with basic computer knowledge. No software installation is necessary.
cell icon Mobile Status Updates: Phone (SMS/text) and email alerts are delivered directly to traditional cellular or smart phones.   lock icon Secure Access: Username and password protected. Trace user activity through logged alarm system access.

*Depends on building construction, environment and sensor placement.