How does GalleryGuard work?

Automated, Item-Level, 24/7/365 Monitoring

1. When a piece of artwork is moved, a small battery powered motion sensor sends a signal to the GalleryGuard receiver unit. Sensors are usually positioned out of sight on a flat surface.
2. The GalleryGuard system interprets the signal, associating it to a specific piece of artwork and its particular details. Within seconds it determines if the motion is incidental (mere vibrations) or suspicious.
3. If suspicious motion is occurring, the GalleryGuard system will trigger an audio siren, issue a screen alert (if connected) and send phone (SMS) and/or email alerts to a fully customizable personnel list. These alerts contain specific details of the item in question.

How is GalleryGuard different?

GalleryGuard vs. Conventional Security Systems

Works inside and outside of operating hours: By individually monitoring each item for movement - enabling people to move in and around the artwork while the system is armed - your system is equally as effective during public viewings as it is when the doors are locked.
Take the guesswork out of generic alarms wIth instant and item-specific remote alerts: No longer guess what is being stolen as within seconds GalleryGuard will tell you, by phone or email, exactly which piece of artwork is moving suspiciously, even if you are offsite. This enables you to confirm with police that a theft is in progress and provide them with a detailed description of item in question. See an example alert here.
False alarm intelligence: GalleryGuard can tell the difference between vibrations caused by closing doors, the wind, or a train passing by and will only trigger an alarm when suspicious movement is occuring.
Works in many environments: Cameras cannot protect items that they cannot see. GalleryGuard does not have any lighting level or line of sight requirements. It works just as effective in a pitch black room or a room full of people as it does in an empty room.
Very easy to setup and use: GalleryGuard is setup within minutes and does not require any ugly wiring or costly construction and installation teams. GalleryGuard may be the easiest security system you ever use. See just how easy it is here.
Detailed record-keeping: By recording the time and username of anyone who made system changes or disabled monitoring, GalleryGuard maintains employee accountability through access traceability.
For a list of more features click here.