Client (For System Access)  
  • Wi-Fi Enabled Computer or Handheld Device
    • For Windows, Mac OS X or Linux Users
      • Java-enabled internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
        See for more information
    • For Tablet and Smartphone Users
      • A VNC App ( Mocha VNC Lite)
GalleryGuard Security System
  • Highspeed Internet Access - One of the following:
    • Wired Connection
      • Available port on a highspeed internet gateway/router/hub
      • RJ-45/Ethernet cable
    • Wi-Fi Connection (B/G/N)
      • Wireless network and password
    • 3G and Cellular Connection
      • Contact us for supported providers
  • 100V-240V AC Power (Various plug formats available)
  • Phone numbers for SMS/text alerts must be from Canada, USA, or United Kingdom