What is GalleryGuard?

Affordable, Intelligent Fine Art Security


Using museum level technologies to keep all types of fine art safe, GalleryGuard is an easy to use, standalone theft prevention and deterrence system. Using wire-free motion sensors discretely attached to each piece of artwork, and a highly intelligent, secure, and mobile receiver, GalleryGuard generates item-specific screen, email and phone alerts within seconds of unauthorized artwork movement. This timely information enables you to stop the theft before your art is gone forever.

GalleryGuard can detect and report exactly which piece of artwork is moving in a room full of people and alert personnel to a theft-in-progress even if they are off-location. Get more details here.
Why Choose GalleryGuard?
Don't become a statistic: $6B is lost each year from art theft and cultural property crime (FBI.gov).
Gain peace of mind: With 24/7/365 real-time inventories and phone, email and audio alerts, know that your artwork is safe.
Display your high value items proudly: No longer be held back by fear. WIth GalleryGuard's individualized monitoring, it is like assigning a different security guard to watch each piece of artwork.